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Executive Directors

Kara Fredrickson and Shalyn Kernop both share the same love of pageantry!  Shalyn began directing the Miss Norco Pageants in 2003. Kara began competing in the Norco Pageants at the age of 11. During Kara’s reign as Miss Norco in 2007, they realized their similar passion for the youth in the community, upholding the tradition, and putting on a high caliber pageant it was known for. The following year, Kara began co-directing the Miss Teen Norco Pageant with Shalyn and eventually went on to co-direct the Miss Norco pageant as well. Both were the last directors of the traditional Miss Norco Pageant after 60 years. Through volunteering hundreds of hours directing 30-50 girls each year, preparing and organizing all aspects of the pageant, both women realized their talents in the world of pageantry. Combining the artistic & creative, hair and makeup skills of Kara with Shalyn’s teaching, stage production skills, and eye for talent, the two best friends began preparing girls for pageants on the side. In early 2010, with a rising successful clientele, the dynamic duo decided to take their abilities and passion to the next level and provide quality, cost sensitive coaching, thus….Crowning Moments was launched!  With a growing business, Shalyn and Kara have coached clients to titles in a variety of different pageant systems including, USA, America, United States, International, IJM, NAM, High School America, and many other local, state, and international pageants. With many winners accredited to their services, they both continue to help young woman reach their pageant goals. Not only do they teach the skills needed for pageants, but also nurture the girls’ confidence and self esteem needed for life. Missing the role of directors, in 2015, Kara and Shalyn decided to take on another adventure as executive directors of the Miss California Jr. High, High School, and Collegiate America pageant. 


Kara Fredrickson

Kara is an award winning cosmetologist in the state of California, emphasizing in pageant makeup and hair. Kara obtained her B.A. in Communications from California Baptist University. Pageants have been a part of her life since the age of 11. She has been an ambassador wearing the Miss Norco, Miss California Route 66, Miss Route 66, Miss Silver Valley and Miss Circle City Corona titles. Kara has worn all hats in the pageant industry: contestant, director, judge, stylist and coach. Since a young age she has had a love for makeup, hair, and for the stage. By combining these two worlds, she has traveled all over the United States, preparing young women for their ultimate pageant experience. She has had the honor to provide her hair and makeup talents to many celebrities, Miss USA's, and Miss Universe, to name a few. Kara has been named the #1 Pageant Makeup Artist, by Pageant Planet 3 years in a row! In her spare time she loves random road trips and spending time with her friends and family. Her favorite things to do are creative photo shoots, mimicking elaborate makeup and hair, and coming up with her own creative looks.

Shalyn Kernop


Shalyn is currently a Registered Nurse/Assistant Nurse Manager at Riverside University Heath Systems Medical Center in the Emergency Department and obtained her Bachelors of Nursing Degree. Shalyn is no stranger to the stage. She competed in pageants from ages 3-6, where she found a love for the performing arts. She was an award winning singer and dancer until the age of 15, at which point she discovered her talents behind the scenes. She previously worked for world renowned vocal coach, Billy Purnell, and assisted in the production of many charity shows and the marketing of young, up and coming vocal artists. Shalyn has over 10 years experience in the pageant industry. She was the Director of the Miss Norco and Miss Teen Norco Pageants for 7 years and enjoyed every minute with her girls. She was honored to be named “Norco’s Woman of the Year” in 2006, at the young age of 22. She now is the Co-owner of Crowning Moments, a complete pageant preparation business assisting girls in all aspects of pageantry.  They have coached clients to local, state, national, and international titles.  Shalyn is married to her supportive husband, Stephen, and in April 2021 were blessed to have their first son, Kamden.  With such a busy schedule, she still finds time to enjoy road trips, volunteering, photography, you tubing, and trips to Disneyland. Shalyn wants all the girls to know that, it is ok to want to win and to try to win, but know that you are a winner just for trying and should have fun while doing it!


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