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Pageant F. A. Q.




1) What is Miss California Jr. High, High School, and Collegiate America? The California Jr. High School, High School, and Collegiate America Pageant is a state preliminary pageant that goes on to compete nationally for the titles of Miss Jr. High School America, Miss High School America, and Miss Collegiate America June 24-30, 2022. The purpose of the national competition exists to providing personal and professional opportunities for young women. It is their goal to provide outstanding high school, junior high and collegiate girls the opportunity to compete in a pageant system that has the highest of moral values.


Eligibility/ Divisions


2) How are the divisions determined? There are 3 “grade” divisions for the California state pageant. Your grade level determines the division in which you compete in, not your age.


3) What is the breakdown for the divisions (as of Fall 2021)?


            The Miss California Jr. High America division is for girls in the 5th grade to 8th grade.


            The Miss California High School America division is for girls in the 9th grade to 11th grade.


            The Miss California Collegiate America division is for student in the 12th grade or enrolled at a college,              university, graduate school, tech/trade school, or beauty college in California. The California Collegiate              contestant must no older than 27 as of September 1, 2021


4) I am entering the 12th grade, but have to compete in the collegiate division? The National Pageant date and year of reign determines the divisions. The National Pageant will be held in June of 2022. If the California Collegiate titleholder wins the national title, they would reign during their freshman year of college. So yes, the majority of your reign as the California titleholder would be during your senior year. The judges will understand this. Please contact the state office if you still have further questions as to how the age division you are to compete in is determined.


5) Can I enter if I attend school outside of California, but live in California when not attending school, and still compete? With a requirement of at least 2 events a month for the titleholders, it is necessary that you spend the majority of your time in California. Attending school outside of California makes it difficult to meet those requirements. Please speak to the executive directors regarding your individual situation and to receive information about potential pageants in the state you attend school.


Location/ Hotel/ Transportation


6) When is the California State Pageant held? The California state pageant will be held in January 2022. It will now be a 2 1/2 day event with registration and fun event occurring on Friday evening, Saturday will be rehearsal, a mentor event, interviews and banquet. The final show will be on Sunday.


7) Where is the pageant held? This year it is held in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Santa Fe Station Resort & Casino!


8) Are there any airports nearby? Yes. McCarran International Airport

9) Is there a host hotel? Yes. The pageant and hotel are at the same location.

​The link for the group rate will be posted in the Facebook group and available to you once you submit your entry fee.

10) Is there a group rate for the hotel? Yes. However, the group rate has limited availability. Must book early! Information is available on the Facebook group page, once registered


11) Will I be rooming with my family during pageant weekend? Yes. You may room with your family or with another contestant, if a collegiate contestant only. You are responsible for your own lodging and transportation.


12) Do I have to stay at a hotel if I live nearby? No. However, many of the pageant events will begin early and run late. Attending all pageant weekend events is mandatory and punctuality is highly important. If you are driving each day to the hotel, we expect you to be on time.


13) What are the phases of competition? You will compete in interview, fun fashion, and evening gown.


14) What is the score breakdown? Interview and Evening Gown are worth 40% of your score, Fashion Runway is worth 20%.


15) How is the order of the contestants determined? The order of the contestants is determined by your city or local title selection and will go in alphabetical order based on the title name. 




16) During interview do the contestants stand or sit? Stand, in a panel style interview with all the judges.


17) How long is interview? 3-5 minutes. Exact time to be determined based on number of contestants.


18) Will there be any political or controversial questions? No, not unless it is brought up by the contestant.


19) What do I wear for interview? An interview dress/sundress/jumpsuit.   Can I wear a formal suit? No.


20) Are fashion forward shoes okay in interview or should we only wear nude/tan color shoes? Yes, either is fine for interview.


21) Are there examples of what to wear? Yes. Please message us for examples.



22) Is there an onstage question or onstage interview portion? There is a “get to know you question”, but it is not scored. Otherwise, there is no onstage question.


Fashion Runway


23) What do I wear for Fashion Runway? Fashion Runway is a high fashion outfit of choice: Pantsuit, Sundress, High Fashion off the rack, High-Low, or Cocktail. Contact us for more examples.


24) Can my fashion outfit be a 2 piece? Yes


25) Is there anything I cannot wear? No props, No hats/hairpieces, No denim, no flip-flops. This is an outfit that shows your personal style.


26) Do I need a routine? No full routines. You will be given the competition pattern prior to pageant weekend.


27) Are there any examples of outfits worn? Yes, please message us for examples. You may also look at the national fun fashion outfits for more elaborate choices, but they are not necessary to win.

Evening Gown


28) What do I wear for Evening Gown? Evening gown is your moment to feel like a queen! Evening gowns need to be prom or pageant dressed and age appropriate. The gown must touch the floor in front and in back.


29) What type of dress should junior high girls wear for evening gown? Full or ball gown. Must flare from waist. This is what is required at Nationals. Dress DOES NOT have to have straps; can be a 2-piece ball gown.


30) Can my dress have a slit in it? Jr. High- No, High School- to the knee, Collegiate- Yes


31) Can my evening gown be a 2 piece? Yes, for all age division. The national pageant agreed to let the Jr. High division wear 2-piece gowns, as of this year, as long as they remain ball gowns (start to flare from waist).


32) Are there any colors or styles we have to wear? Styles and colors should fit the girl and her coloring. No specific color or style is required. Many dresses can be interchangeable between the High School and Collegiate divisions. However, keep in mind that High school students need to be “age appropriate” (e.g., no low backs, high slits, or large cutouts, depending on category).


33) Do we have to spend thousands of dollars on your dress to win? NO! You can find state and national quality dresses for less than $400. Many contestants even borrow dresses from other pageant girls or wear their prom dress.


34) Do you have any examples of evening gowns? Yes, Contact us for examples.





35) Are rehearsals mandatory? Yes. Unless previously approved by the directors, all rehearsals are mandatory to ensure each contestant knows what to expect on pageant day.


36) Are rehearsals open to family and friends? No, only approved staff/ makeup artist are allowed in rehearsals.


37) What is the attire for rehearsal? Rehearsal clothes should be cute and casual. Photos will be taken throughout rehearsals. List of what to wear will be posted in the contestant Facebook group closer to the pageant weekend.


38) Can I wear my hair in rollers/pin curls the day of the pageant, during rehearsal? Yes, there will be time to prepare for the pageant throughout rehearsal and prior to the show, but it may be easier to already come with your hair curled/pinned up.


39) Can we have our cell phones at rehearsal? Yes. However, they are only to be used at designated times. This is your weekend to meet new girls, have fun, and prepare for the pageant. Phone use during rehearsal time is disrespectful to the staff working with you.


40) Can we take pictures during rehearsal and backstage at the pageant? We encourage you to document your weekend at post to your social media sites, at designated times. No photos are to be taken inside the dressing rooms, as we want to keep the privacy of all the girls who may be changing.


41) Will we have chaperones? There will be multiple staff members chaperoning the contestants during the weekend. Contestants must let staff know where they are going and communicate with respect.

Hair and Makeup


42) Can Jr. High Contestants wear makeup? Yes. Please make sure makeup is age appropriate. Judges want to see the girl. Small lashes are ok, if the contestant wants to wear them.

43) Will there be makeup and hair artist at the pageant? You may use the makeup artists, who have contacted us about being at the pageant, or use your own, if you choose to not get yourself ready. These artists will be available to hire and listed on our Facebook contestant group page. You may get yourself ready or use someone prior to going over to interview. Since our venue is in the same spot as the host hotel, there will be time for you to go back to your/h&m artist's room to get ready.

44) Do we have to hire a makeup artist? No, you do not need to hire a makeup artist. Many contestants and/ or their parents are great at doing their own makeup.


45) Will there be time to get ready between rehearsal and the pageant? Yes. Contestants will be given time to get ready. Girls will have the opportunity to go back to the hotel room for touchups.


Pageant Weekend Events

46) Will there be any extra events during pageant weekend? Yes. We want the girls to bond and have a great pageant experience. New events this year! Details will be announced soon.

47) Will food be provided? Contestants will be released for meals on their own or with family, most of the time. We will be providing some snacks and goodies during the weekend. Water will be available outside the rehearsal room, on pageant day.


Pageant Info


48) What are we wearing for opening number? We are asking that each of our contestants select a WHITE cocktail dress. Please be age appropriate in your selections and know that you will be doing movements in them on stage. We ask that each contestant wear nude heels with their opening number selection.


49) Do we have to be dancers to grasp the opening number? No. The opening number will be mainly walking patterns, some basic movements, and introductions. No dance experience is necessary. This portion is not judged.


50) Will we know the walking patterns and opening number prior to pageant weekend? Yes. A video and/or diagrams will be sent out at least one week prior to the pageant.


51) Are there any other awards to be given? Yes! There will be a photogenic, Class Favorite (Congeniality), and Community Service Awards given for each division, depending on size of division. The photogenic award is judged from the program book photo. None of the extra awards given will have any bearing on the overall pageant competition.


52) Will there be a top 10? A top 10 will be determined based on the number of contestants in each category.


53) How many runner-ups will be awarded? Number is dependent on the number of contestants. It will range from 0-4.


54) Will tickets be available to purchase at the venue? Yes. Additional tickets will be available at the door. The cost of the tickets are $40 each.


55) Can parents and family take pictures or video, in the audience, during the pageant? We ask, as a courtesy, that no video or flash photography be taken during the pageant. We have professional photographers and videographer that will be capturing the show, and all the events, for purchase at a very reasonable rate.


56) How do I order photos or a video? Photo packages will include interview, rehearsal and show pictures. GREAT DEAL!! Order form will be available in the contestant group page. Video will be separate from video purchase. More info, about video orders, to follow.


57) Can my supporters bring signs to support me? Yes! They may have signs, but we ask that they are courteous to those around them. Everyone wants to see the show! They may be asked to lower them if disturbing the audience or photographer/videographer view. NO noisemakers of any kind are allowed!


58) Will a chaperone/helper be allowed backstage during the pageant? No. We are giving them an opportunity to watch the show! We will have numerous staff members on hand to assist with the contestants needs backstage. One female family member/chaperone is allowed to assist with gathering your items, after the pageant is completed. All contestants are required to stay backstage until the end of the pageant.


59) What is the AD page for? The ad page is a great way to thank your sponsors, family, and friends for their support. Great news! The ad page design is included in the entry free for each contestant this year! You will select 1 photo to send to our official program book designer, APJ Visions, and she will make a fabulous ad page for you that will be revealed in the state program book on pageant weekend. You will submit 1 high resolution photo, your name as you want it on the page, and any text you may want. This can include sponsors, favorite quote, bible verse, etc. Please proof your grammar and spelling, prior to emailing her, as she will not be responsible to misspellings or grammatical errors. We will have a reveal of the program book at registration, where you will get to see your ad pages. 


60) Can I purchase additional ads? Yes! If you have additional sponsors that would like to help you on your journey to our pageant, or want additional ad pages, you can purchase them. Business sponsors ad pages can be submitted by them, however, any additional contestant AD pages need to be designed by APJ Visions. We have set pricing to help with your fundraising costs. Contact us for more info!


61) Can I just leave after the pageant? Queen and court photos will need to stay to take photos onstage. All other contestants are welcome to gather their items to leave the theater. A parent or guardian MUST check out, all minors, with designated staff member.


62) Will I get my scores after the pageant? Yes. We will be glad to give you the feedback of the judges. We will be emailing you your scores and comments.

63) Is there a non-compete clause? If you were to win the title of Miss California Junior High, High School, or Collegiate America, you will not be permitted to compete in any other pageant during your year of service, without prior authorization from the state directors. Furthermore, you may not compete in a similar style pageant, which goes on to a state or national level, prior to competing at Miss Jr. High, High School & Collegiate America Pageant in June 2022. The title of “Miss California Junior High, High School, or Collegiate America” supersedes any other title that you may hold at the time of the competition (Please speak to us if you hold a current title so we can discuss your individual situation.) 

64) How is COVID-19 affecting the pageant? In light of recent events, we are keeping a close eye on state and local mandates. Safety of the contestants, families, guests and staff is our #1 priority. We are in communication with our venue and everything is still currently on track for our event. There will be no refunds should the pageant date or location need to be moved. However, funds can be transferred to the 2023 state pageant, if this conflicts with personal schedules.    


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