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Keepers of the Crown



Ashleigh Pates- Collegiate

(Miss Collegiate America 2021-Tied for Best in Fashion Runway)

Alexus Belden- High School (Top 10 at Nationals)

Audrianna Mendoza- Jr. High

Holland Hartpence- Sr. Elementary

Kylee Girvan- Elementary

Serenity Grace Russell- Jr. Elementary

(Miss Elementary America 1st Grade 2021)

Hensley Hartpence- Pre-School



Jocelyn McCoy- Collegiate

Makayla Skelton- High School

Emma Yeszin- Jr. High

Miliani Robles- Sr. Elementary (Top 15 at 1st Elementary Nationals)

Caleya Agnew- Elementary (Top 15 at Elementary Nationals)

Skylie Sprowl- Jr. Elementary (Top 15 at Elementary Nationals)

Kinsley Coronado- Pre-School (Top 15 at Elementary Nationals)



Katie Tuck-Collegiate (Top 15 at Nationals)

Grace Edwards-High School (Top 10 at Nationals)

Kaysee French- Jr. High (Top 10 at Nationals)



Fallon Williams-Collegiate (Top 15 at Nationals)

Halle Thompson-High School 

Olivia Ellison-Jr. High School (Top 15 at Nationals)


Leona Koxha-Collegiate

(Miss Collegiate America 2017, Tied for Best in Interview, Best in Fun Fashion)

Julissa McCoy High School (Top 15 at Nationals)

Alexys Alonzo-Jr. High School (Top 10 at Nationals)


Savannah Palacio-Collegiate (Top 5 at Nationals)

Kamryn Cendana-High School (Top 5 at Nationals)

Halle Thompson-Jr. High School (Photogenic Winner)



Chloe Hatfield-Collegiate

(Miss Collegiate America 2015, Best in Gown, Best in Fun Fashion)

Janeice Love-High School (Top 15 at Nationals)

Julissa McCoy-Jr. High School (Top 15 at Nationals)



Madison Snipes-Collegiate (1st RU at Nationals) 

Savannah Chrisley-High School (top 15 at Nationals) 

Mahalie Benson-Jr. High School



Katie Arnold-Collegiate (non-finalist Gown and Fun Fashion Award)

Claire Wright-High School (top 15 at Nationals)

Kaila Melanson-Jr. High School (non Finalist Gown and Fun Fashion Award)



Serena Schott-Collegiate

Bianca Vierra-High School (Miss High School America)



Mary Kate Fitzpatrick-Collegiate (4th RU at Nationals)

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